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Terms and Conditions of Rental Service

Terms and Conditions

1. Renting a property (Finca)

A - General terms and conditions

The price that is quoted to the holidaymaker, either on the website, by a customer service person or on the booking contract, is the daily price of the indicated property (per night), exclusively for the use of the holidaymaker, multiplied by the number of nights for the duration of the booking period. This price includes the property that has been booked, with is rooms and facilities, as specified in the property description (Illustration). Additionally, water supply, gas, electricity, heating, bed linen and towels are also provided according to the number of holidaymakers booked. Any additional beds or premises, not shown in the property description or booking contract, will imply an additional charge, which will be billed separately.

The keys to the property will be handed over to the holidaymaker by the owner of the property according to a previously made arrangement. This is generally not possible before 3 PM in the afternoon, but occasionally this can vary as a verbal agreement is reached, which is up to the holidaymaker and the owners of the property. The property must be vacated by 11 AM in the morning on the day of leaving and must be fully cleaned and left in undamaged condition by the holidaymaker.

B - Our service

We offer properties for rental on behalf of the property owners to the holidaymaker through our website. As such our property descriptions are based on the information that is provided to us by the owners of the property or their promoters. We take utmost care to ensure that we process and present this information to the holidaymaker accurately. We do verify the properties that we are offering where we can, but due to the large number of properties we have on offer it is not possible to check everything first-hand. We do not take any liability for properties, where we have been provided with incorrect, insufficient or wrong information by the owner of the property or their promoters.

We partly rely on the holidaymaker to acknowledge our properties by means of our guestbook system at this website. In this way the holidaymakers can see for themselves what other holidaymakers have had to say about particular properties.

2. Booking a property (Finca) for rental

A - General terms and conditions for booking a property

When making a booking the holidaymaker confirms to us that he or she has the authority to accept, on behalf of all members of the holiday-party, and will abide by, these terms and conditions, and the booking contract. In order for that to take effect we require a signed booking form or an online booking form showing all necessary details about the booked property and the holidaymakers. Once we have returned a confirmation invoice the booking contract will exist between the holidaymaker and us, on behalf of the property owners, until the holiday is completed. The holidaymaker has a 7 working days cooling-off period after the booking in which the booking can be cancelled in writing by fax, email or postal mail, without incurring any charges.

B - Making payments for a property booking

Once the holidaymaker receives a booking confirmation invoice, 10% of the total booking amount must be paid into the specified account as a deposit, within 14 working days. The outstanding amount must be paid in 14 days before arrival at the latest, or on certain exceptions on arrival in Majorca. A booking is only legally committed by both parties (the holidaymaker and us, on behalf of the owner), when a payment has been received in the form of a deposit by the holidaymaker. We will always confirm your bookings and payments to you in writing.

C - Failure to make payments for a property booking

If the deposit or the final booking amount is not paid, we will not be able to guarantee reservation of the property for the affected booking. We also do not take any liability for incorrectly sent payments by the holidaymaker. We reserve the rights to cancel any booking for which we have not received a deposit or a payment, and if we reckon that a payment is unlikely to be made by the holidaymaker.

D - Cancellation of property booking

Both the holidaymaker and the property owner have the rights to cancel a booking. In the case of the property owner this may be due to some adverse condition, such as destruction or damage or any such condition of the property, which makes the property uninhabitable. In such a case the full amount of the booking will be refunded to the holidaymaker, if we are unable to provide an alternative property for the holidaymaker according to their needs.

The holidaymaker may cancel a booking by sending to us a booking cancellation letter, fax or email with booking number and booking details. The holidaymaker who wants to cancel the booking may then have to pay a booking cancellation charge. The cancellation charge will depend upon the timing of the booking cancellation:
i)    until 60 days before holiday starting date 5 % of the total holiday price
ii)   until 45 days before holiday starting date 15 % of the total holiday price
iii)  until 30 days before holiday starting date 30 % of the total holiday price
iv)  until 15 days before holiday starting date 50 % of the total holiday price

These conditions also apply to Force Majuere, such as your cancellation due to extraordinary or unforeseeable circumstances beyond your control. These include, amongst others, weather disruptions, wars, riots, industrial disputes, terrorist activity or its consequences, nuclear disasters, fire, floods, or any other adverse natural or unnatural situations.

3. Other issues related to property renting

A - Not claiming your holiday

We do not take any liability if you fail to claim your holiday booking according to the agreed contract between us, due to whatever reasons, or make use of your contract only partly. In such circumstances we will not be able to make any refunds or provide alternative property to you.

B - Defects, discrepancy, deviance or faults with regard to your property

Should the holidaymaker find that the booked property and the property being provided are not one and the same, or, should they find any other faults or deviances from the booking contract's conditions and/or these terms and conditions then they must immediately contact us at our office in Majorca or abroad. We will thereupon immediately take care of your problem. If you are our customer than obviously you must also contact us. If you do not inform us, due to whatever reason, and want to later make a claim, then this will not be possible due to the change in circumstances.

Normally if there is any major problem then we will either provide you an alternative property according to our mutual agreement, or provide your money back. We do not though give the money back AND pay for your hotel costs. If it is some other minor problem then we will solve the problem to your satisfaction at first-hand.

It is always good advice to bring to the attention of the property owner and us, the problems and even damages that you may have noticed upon arrival or during your stay. This will ensure that you get a better service and our properties are up to date. In this way the properties will improve for future holidaymakers.

C - Making a justified claim

If you find that the information provided to you was incorrect, such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, beds, etc. Then it is necessary for you to make a claim to the property owner, because it is their property. They will decide about the claim. You can in the mean time though contact us and we will advise you as best as we can.

We do not take any liability for the property as by § 1 B. This is the liability of the property owners, and any claims you make must be directed towards them. You must make your claim known to them as by § 3 B immediately. And if no solution is found to your problem during your stay at the property, get the contact details of the property owner, and submit a written claim, within one month of you initial claim. You must also inform us about such a claim. Failing to make your claim within one month will make it void after that.

4. Holidaying at a property (Finca)

A - Your Surroundings

You as a holidaymaker will take part in the life and nature around your property, with its people, culture, tradition and animal life. These properties are generally located outside the closed environment of the tourist regions with their hotels, bungalows and other amusements. Therefore, you will be participating in the natural surroundings of your property. This generally tend to very quiet and relaxing, but occasionally there are things that are beyond our control, such as construction of houses, or their renovation, water supply work or road construction work, farm or garden activity in the region, etc. In the even of any such unforeseen circumstances, we recommend you accept the discrepancy, if the problem is not all too serious, or else let us know, so we can find a suitable solution for you.

B - Not causing any damage to the Property

When holidaying at a property the holidaymaker will abide by good disciple and order. This means that the holidaymaker will treat the property, its fittings and other possessions with care and caution. At no time will he or she threat the property with such disrespect or negligence that it may be damaged or its possessions broken. Should the holidaymaker accidentally cause, or find, any damage or any broken items, he or she will immediately inform the owner of the property. This will ensure that the holidaymaker is not held responsible for other people's actions.

C - Living at the property

You must make sure that noise and other disturbances are kept to a minimum and that nigh time quite is maintained. Otherwise there may be problems with the property owner and/or local authority.

The number of holidaymakers living at the property, especially at night, should not exceed the agreed numbers in your contract. In cases where additional holidaymakers are discovered, the property owner will charge extra rent.

D - Leaving the property

After the holidays are over the holidaymaker must vacate the property by 11 AM on the last day of their holiday. Before that he or she will ensure that the entire property is left clean and tidy. In most of our properties the cleaning of the property in included in your renting bill. We will let you know during reservation whether cleaning is inclusive or not. But please remember that even in such cases you must leave the property tidy and clean, which means that there is no rubbish or dirt and other stuff lying about in the rooms, kitchen, toilets, etc. If you leave the property dirty, with rubbish and other items lying about we may charge you extra for the cleaning.

If cleaníng is not included in your renting bill, you will have to clean the property before leaving. This includes amongst others, cleaning up the kitchen, hovering the carpets, sweeping and moping the floors, cleaning the toilets and bathrooms, cleaning the mirrors, removing sand and other items from couches and sofas, leaving the beds tidy, cleaning the fridges and cookers, defrosting the freezers and leaving fridge and freezer open. You must also take all you belongings, including you souvenirs and food, with you when you leave.

In other properties the cleaning can be done for you by the owner of the property, for which you have to pay an additional charge to the property owner. The cleaning of the kitchen equipments, washing the dishes and other kitchen utensils, is always the responsibility of the property owner. If you fail to leave the house clean and tidy and also do not arrange for it to be cleaned, then the property owner will bill you the costs for cleaning, and will take it from the deposit.

E - Taking your pet with you

You may only take your pet along with you for holidaying, if the property description says so, and it has been agreed formally in the booking contract in writing.