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Welcome to Holiday Finca Majorca! Your premium holiday rental site for exclusive properties.

Web Site User Guide

How to Use

Navigating the Website

You will find two sets of navigation links on our website. The ones that allow you to select a particular category such as "My Holidays", "Fincas" or "Company", are located horizontally at the top of each page and allow selecting a particular category. Within each category there can be sub-categories, or simply pages, that may be necessary for you to navigate. For this purpose you will find another set of vertical links at the left side of the page. These links will allow you to navigate within a particular given category, such as the sub-categories "Fincas", "Houses", "Apartments", etc. within the category "Fincas". Hence if you want to navigate to a particular page, you just have to know the category it is in and then select the link at the left hand side to find your page. You can also bookmark all our pages that you find interesting, if you want to.

Searching for Fincas

We have made searching for Fincas as easy as possible. All the Fincas that we offer are available for you for viewing inside the category "Fincas", on the top horizontal menu. Here you will find the following sub-categories, "Fincas", "Houses", "Apartments", "Special Offers", "By the Sea" and "At Location". Selecting any one of these navigation buttons will display to you a list of properties belonging to that particular sub-category. The list may have more then one pages, which you can also navigate by selecting the page number at the bottom of each page.

If you select a property for viewing from the list, you will be able to see the illustration for that property, consisting mostly of 2 pages with description, price and pictures. You can select the pictures to see a larger image. You will also find other information relating to the property such as a reservations list, locations that are in the vicinity, and a guestbook. Some of these items may be empty at present but will be complete in due time.

We also have a search form, where you can type in your desired property details and will get a list of all possible matching properties. Or else you might want to search by the region by clicking on a particular region of the Majorca map.

Making an availability Query

If you are interested in a given property you must send us an availability query, by selecting the Availability navigation button from the property illustration page. You must then write your name, email address and contact number and send the query to us. We will thereafter check with our details, to either confirm availability, or let you know that the property is already booked.

Booking a property for holidaying

After receiving an availability query, if we find that your requested property is available for booking, we will inform you about the availability. You must then submit to us a booking request form and we will be able to make a reservation for your requested property. After that we will send you all necessary documents and confirmations regarding your request. About terms and conditions and other related issues please read our "Terms & Conditions" section.